Our Story

A Note from Our Founder

“Evolving and elevating a practice takes many forms, but the journey should always begin and end with benefit to the client.”


I launched my practice in 2012, tackling the everyday, “family medicine” issues of finance for New York City’s young families and small businesses, before moving onto the so-called “fellowship” phase of my career that trained me as a specialist in high-end insurance and estate planning. In those days, the name of the game was solving problems and doing things right the first time.

I held myself to that standard for a decade, but here’s the thing: solving problems and doing things right the first time is sustainable only if your industry is working with you, not against you. An insurance-focused system doesn’t allow advisors to care about all of their clients’ problems. An insurance-focused practice allows advisors to uncover their client’s pain, but doesn’t afford the time to alleviate it. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t shy away from speaking up when something is broken. My vision for M+ was to use the best of what the generalist years taught me, while challenging the status quo for the benefit of my clients.

Today we’ve evolved into a planning-first firm that blends a diagnostician’s perspective with a specialist’s precision to serve the full spectrum of a family’s financial wellbeing. Think of it as hiring a CFO for your family or hiring a team that operates as your early-stage family office. Joining us in this effort are some of the best in the industry—including Anthony Mola, our Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer—and a select team of advisors and administrators whose excellence and expertise is matched only by the heart they bring to their work.

M+ is committed as ever to our original mission of solving problems and doing things right the first time. This is our Northstar, guiding us through the clear and the complex on behalf of the clients who entrust with what matters most to them.