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Every M+ client has worked with a financial advisory team to implement basic wealth management structures. They often come to us when they’ve outgrown traditional concepts and/or have lost sight of the full structure of their personal, business & trust assets + responsibilities.

We match our clients’ excellence with individuals who understand the importance of privacy and respect the needs of high-net-worth families with limited availability. We invest our time to create client + advisor relationships based on trust, care, and a deep sense of responsibility.


Our Experts

Kuldeep S. Madan

Founder + Chief Executive Officer | Email

I’ve always looked up to the little guys who made it big. Perhaps t’s my natural affinity for the underdog. Maybe it’s a nod to my own background as the son of immigrants whose move to the U.S. provided me unlimited opportunity. Whatever the influence, it fits perfectly with the journey of my clients—self-made successes who need someone as invested as they are in protecting what they’ve worked so hard for.

Like many of those clients, I didn’t necessarily plan out my path. As a kid, my idea of the perfect job was to be able to help in some way, but in adulthood, I found myself pursuing an advertising career.

Nearly a decade ago, a chance encounter on a New York train rerouted those aspirations toward life insurance. It turns out that by building mutually trusting, comfortable relationships to help others meet their goals, I found that perfect profession after all. I’m constantly inspired to find creative solutions to my clients’ most pressing challenges.

Of course, our work isn’t all there is to life. My wife and I have made it our mission to see the whole world before we start a family. In between our travels, we call Long Island City home.

Drew George

Financial Planning | Email

My story in a nutshell: A puck-obsessed kid becomes a professional hockey player who skates all over the world, transfers his proclivity for the fast-paced and challenging to the world of finance, and charts an entirely new career path.

In many ways, this trajectory reminds me of my prep-school motto, Luctor et Emergo (Struggle and Emerge), which has stuck with me for years. These words centered me when I accepted that I couldn’t play hockey forever, and they continue to resonate as we work through particularly complex cases or develop solutions while everyone else is still pointing out the problems.

At work, the opportunity to simplify our clients’ lives is my favorite place to be. At home, it’s when I’m spending time with my wife, son, and dog; golfing; or, of course, playing hockey.

Anthony Mola

EVP + Chief Operating Officer | Email

I learned early on that while ability can bring you to the table, only patience and hustle can keep you there. That’s exactly how I discovered my love for our industry, fresh out of school with no experience to speak of, but eager to make a good impression on a relative who gave me a chance.

It’s this belief that inspired my motto—we’re all in this together—which has helped me find my voice as much as it has let me empower others to use their own. It’s given me the humility to hold myself out as a student first, accepting lessons from my many mentors that sometimes didn’t bear fruit until much later.

The openness it takes to play the long game has been a gift professionally and personally. At M+, it’s at the center of my executive leadership, for the benefit of our team and our clients. Outside of work, it keeps my perspective on what matters most: my two beautiful daughters, who remind me every day how amazing life is.

A warm introduction is how we start every relationship.

Our planning engagements require meaningful connections and complete trust. We assess fit based on strict criteria, including a referral and/or references.