The M+ Method

Organize + Analyze

Combined wealth + business interests can get overwhelming

We can help you understand where your assets are and how they connect.

Prior to engaging M+, our clients often have difficulty seeing how their personal finances and business interests can overlap to create efficiencies + opportunities. Our detailed discovery process provides much-needed clarity.

This search reveals critical information that allows us to design + pursue new strategies. During this segment of our work, it’s not uncommon for us to find positional strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address.

Full clarity is essential when you have numerous complex financial interests.

The M+ Approach

How we Build Relationships

Every M+ engagement requires two attributes: shared knowledge + trust. We work closely with our planning clients by getting to know the intricacies of their personal and professional lives from the inside out.

This happens through conversations. Shared stories. Access to financial history. Alignment around beliefs + values. Business assessments. Discussions about the past, and more importantly, the future.

That’s the start of our planning. Then, we organize.

Data + strategy guide our planning engagements.

Our projects often fall into three categories of planning guidance.


Is everyone and everything taken care of? For individuals and families with significant wealth and/or income, insurance, asset protection, and lifestyle management should always adapt to life changes and financial maturation.



Is your strategy doing what you want it to? Our experience-based approach to resource utilization + deployment encourages non-traditional thinking about wealth-building solutions that can help with financial growth + tax mitigation.



How do you want to be remembered? Navigating the complexities of a large estate that must comply with ever-evolving government regulations requires a team that possesses a unique combination of empathy, vision, and candor.


A warm introduction is how we start every relationship.

Our planning engagements require meaningful connections and complete trust. We assess fit based on strict criteria, including a referral and/or references.